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While the Chinese nuclear industry may not necessarily be overconfident, its ambition is undeniable: the country has brought nearly twenty reactors online in the past decade and has around two-hundred proposed or planned in an all-out push to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Achieving Nuclear Ambitions : Jacques E. C. Hymans :

And after twenty-five years of developing nuclear power domestically, Chinese companies are now seeking to export their technology abroad. Whether they can do it safely and sensibly remains an open question.

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In the next five years Chinese companies could invest in or begin building twenty-one reactors overseas, including eight domestically designed models. Importantly, the total cost of the Hualong One is roughly two-thirds that of American, Japanese, or European models, suggesting that the joint venture is aiming to undercut competitors and attract new customers with a more affordable price tag.

Nuclear program of Iran

Although Hualong International is not the only company to market a brand-new third-generation reactor—Westinghouse signed a deal to build its first AP model in China without having previously completed any—it is the first to do so without a significant global track record. Even Westinghouse, which has been building commercial reactors for nearly sixty years , has encountered multiple delays in its recent AP projects.

There are a number of additional safety, security, and financial implications for China and other countries involved as well:. And Chinese companies are exceptionally eager to apply their domestic experience overseas, potentially bringing low-carbon electricity to untapped and needy international buyers. But with such complicated and frequently problematic technology, Chinese companies should wade carefully—not dive head-first—into the untested waters of building nuclear plants abroad.

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Jacques E. C. Hymans

Many experts believe that countries with little or no past experience in nuclear power, including over forty-five actively considering embarking on nuclear programs, constitute the fastest-growing risk in the industry. The combination of implementing new technology in unproven markets may lead to unpredictable consequences. More importantly, the motivation factor works both ways. On the contrary, the length of time it has taken Iranians to get to this point indicates something has been going wrong.

In a recent Foreign Affairs article, he noted that the average timeline for building a bomb before was about seven years; the average timeline since then has been about 17 years.

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Of the 10 countries that have attempted to develop a nuclear weapon in that time, only three have found success. Hymans pointed to recent history for an example of failed nuclear innovation. In the run-up to the invasion, officials in Washington, D.

The Republican primary debates were often a competition to see which candidate could use the strongest rhetoric. Republican candidate Mitt Romney charges that President Barack Obama is weak and not pursuing more aggressive policies against Iran.

Steve Lamy is known throughout campus for his inspirational classes and his ability to remember hundreds of his students' names. The conjecture that we may be on the brink of a new cold war is a chilling one, racheting up our global anxiety levels, but is it accurate? Environmental studies and international relations double major Kayla Soren is recognized for founding a nonprofit that aims to raise awareness about global climate issues.