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Flying at miles an hour to catch their prey, it's written so you can almost feel the impact on contact! Greedy wives and ultra lavish living. The phrase "go set a watchman" is a biblical quote and Scout feels she needs watchman to interpret what men say. Some parts of the book are funny; such as the coffee gathering at her family home where stereotypical Southern women gossip and Scout eavesdrops on their conversations. Listened to the book on CD as read by Reese Witherspoon. The author interjects humor into a tragedy.

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I stayed up late one night to finish this book and to see what happens to Sophie. It does have some humor and suspense that failed to help this story, about a young mother's move to a perfect Conn. Entertains like a long episode of Law and Order. An everyone lives happily ever after ending.

Has Zelda's inheritance put a target on her back? She asks for Regan's help to answer that question. Is Regan herself a target? Honest and forthright, Lamott shares personal experience sometimes with a touch of humor showing how growing in mercy has made life in a complex world simpler, enriching relationships, and faith.

His recollections about what and who he saw could not be made up. A real mind bender. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Kept me guessing. Cant wait to start the next book in the series. Book three of the series. Light reading. No problem coming in on the third book, though.

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This story is about how far parents will go to protect their kids. If you think your teenager is in trouble, do you begin to invade their privacy? Coben deals with that questions in this novel. Great read. Themes of religion, slavery, racism, family, tradition, and coincidence thread their Amy through this first novel.

A masterful piece well worth reading. I loved it! It didn't disappoint and it was a great story. She managed to weave a terrorist attack in Paris to family, love and friendship. The ending was happy and I am a sucker for those.

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I felt like I knew the main characters and was rooting for them to succeed. Gang raped at 12 by a boy she trusted and his friends, the book chronicles how this impacted her life. What she discloses is a pattern of erratic and self loathing behavior which includes gaining hundreds of pounds to 'protect her fortress'. The book does provide interesting insight as to what it is like to not fit literally and figuratively into what our culture believes to be a beautiful and successful woman.

I would rate this as 3. I did enjoy it, but felt parts of it were not that original and just a lot more of the author's self loathing.

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Stone is always the charmer and this time he runs into some problems.. The past and present twist and turns hold your attention throughout the story! The beginning was a bit slow going, I thought, but after the first few chapters, I got caught up in the story and the suspense of it. As a parent, I found this book terrifying, heartbreaking and joyous. Over and over, as I read, I felt the emotions of their experience.

I really enjoyed this book- life really is a miracle. It is set in France and her search for paintings by famous artists that were owned by a relative. Very physically fit and versed in the Martial Arts they are prepared to delve into the jungle or ward off marauders. Their terrific trio of researchers, time and again, save the lives of the Fargos. Using their intellectual curiosity, they end up in the most unusual corners of the world. This is a great read and surprise ending. I was intrigued, yet skeptical at first, believing that it would not live up to my expectations, as it involved my favorite Disney movie.

It was certainly a page turner. The last night we read the final six chapters. While the chapters are short, they are captivating. Beautiful writing! It is a murder mystery with a twist. The master mind of a serial killing plot is a computer genius Odin and the artificial intelligence AI , Frigg he created.

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The recurring characters are warm and continue to develop as individuals. Jance's characters are one of the reasons I like her books so much. This was so much better than his famous The Alchemist.

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This is a book that I would re-read frequently. It is a how to live life advice book couched in a novel about the teachings found in an ancient papyrus scroll. I listened to it on CD read by Jeremy Irons which made it a great listen. I would purchase this book and use a highlighter for favorite passages.

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One can really value the comrades-in-arms specialties and persevering to accomplish the need result- even down to the last second! Understanding individuals' gifts and talents and applying them at precisely the most advantageous moment fully describes "Mirage".

In addition, the ability to communicate in another's native language is so valuable and ably demonstrated in this latest tale. Once again, never ending surprises occur even to the last page. Interesting Private book but not one of the better ones Worth reading the whole trilogy!! An action filled story about a girl gone missing for a second time.

Noone seems to know where she is.

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The search for her is encompassed by drugs and a Russian baby ring. The private investigator and his wife insert a loving playfulness into the story. I found this heartwarming amid some very gory killing. Follow up to his Gone, Baby, Gone. A lot more violent than the first as the Russian Mob was involved. Well written.

I listened on CDs and story was read by an actor with a really good Boston accent. Wonder if this will be the last in the find Amanda series; probably not as Amanda is only 16 in this book. Excited for the arrival of their new baby, they come to suspect that their donor might be a serial killer who was just arrested for killing three nurses. The husband and wife react very differently to this possibility, but they both want to know the truth. Young black girl on a war-torn island meets Charles Dickens being read by an odd white man-Some brutal island warfare but saved by the girl's strength and desire to understand.

The action takes place in real towns, mountains and box canyons that exist. Gold, that mysterious malady that affects the greed in many is well illustrated here, but with a twist, Nolan Sackett. Cameo references and character appearances enhance this instance of the Sackett Saga.