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You can either walk from the village Pauzhetka en route to the peaks of Koshelev volcano , or — just the opposite — walk from the same volcano en route to Pauzhetka. So you see: all roads lead to and from Pauzhetka. Accordingly, this post is dedicated to the small yet significant — and most curious — village of Pauzhetka…. To get there in a regular road car is probably impossible.

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The only other means of transport that can be used to get there is chartered helicopter. Locals put the population at a mere 42 folks co incidentally, a magical number :. Third: Still — as of summer ! As a result, the local area is supplied with free electricity and hot water! Free, as in — zero rubles! And it comes in seemingly unlimited supply: no electricity meters… nothing: as much as you want to use, whenever.

Leave the TV on — fine! See — told you the place is one of extremes.

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What makes Pauzhetka so significant to me is that you need to go through it to get to the nearby OMG-stratovolcanoes — Koshelev and Kambalny. Alas — nope. First, this place is inaccessible, literally middle-of-nowhere, and literally unheard of almost.

Just try Google photos of Koshelev Volcano: my photos are the first to be shown! And for the serious explorer-expeditioner-climber, the volcanoes are just too easy to conquer:.

What is Geothermal Energy?

What altitudes did you get up to then? Er… and meters. First, these are greenhouses supplied with as much free hot water as needed all year round. Second, the soil here is super fertile volcanic soil packed with mega-doses of the minerals fruit and veg love. Not only do the tomatoes look amazing — they taste it too! It all reminds me of the greenhouses in Iceland where they grow bananas — also using thermal waters:. He received his doctorate in His extensive professional experience includes participation in numerous exploratory and estimation projects aimed at agricultural and drinking water supplies in the arid regions of Central Kazakhstan and the Northern Caucasus.

In , S.

A Survey of Resources, Methodology, Geology, and Use

Polevoy began working for the North-Caucasian Research Institute of Natural Gas in the city of Stavropol, where he conducted research related to the utilization of geothermal energy. From to , Dr.

  • Savely Polevoy (Author of Geothermal Energy in the USSR).
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Polevoy conducted broad research involving evaluating resources of groundwater and their protection from pollution and depletion in Northern Caucasus Russia and Transcaucasus Georgia. Since , S. Polevoy has lived in the United States.

Geothermal energy

Presently, he is working for the New York City Bureau. Polevoy is author and co-author of more than 50 published works and reports, all relating to his specialty. In the United States, he had written a monograph on geothermal energy, published in The book Water Science and Engineering, written and illustrated by S.

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Polevoy, was published in the UK in