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What do you think of this DIY pillowcase project? Hi Shelby.

These are lovely and so simple! Reminds me of how much I could make if I actually got around to buying a sewing machine. Thanks Natalie. Yes — definitely is nice to have a sewing machine for these types of projects. Now I have to try it! Definitely Michelle. And let me know how it goes, if you do give this a try. Wow, that shower curtain was such a find! The pattern looks like it was always meant to be a pillowcase. Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial Brittni!

My sewing classrs taught me another way and it takes more than We prewash fabrics, iron and line up the edges, french seams, etc. Yours seem so easy. I think I like both ways. My expensive pillow cases always seem distorted after was, but mine stays exactly as made. Thank you for sharing this simple pillowcase!

What a great project! Do you know what the purpose is of leaving them unwashed? I usually wash my fabric immediately after purchasing it… will that be a problem?

How to sew a pillowcase (with free pattern) - Sewing Tutorial with Angela Wolf

Lisa made a good point about it below…. Thanks Amanda!

How to Sew Piping Into a Pillow

I contacted Ani and she called a Child Life Specialist at a hospital nearby and they said it was fine. Hi, I know this is way late. I was looking over other pillowcase projects while making my own. Sorry I missed this opportunity to contribute!

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I just wanted to mention that it is probably much safer to wash the fabric initially with some ind of non allergen or low allergen detergent. This will also explain the sometimes drastic change in a fabric labeled as washable! We always wash before we build anything, whether for dancers or singers. I hope this project went as well as you hoped. I love this idea!!!! Thank you so much for giving such detailed instructions which I always need in projects. I LOVE your site and appreciate everything you do to help so many people in so many ways.

Now, keep on keeping on which encourages us to keep on keeping on Do you know when Team Bubba needs the pillowcases by? The reason they need to be unwashed is so they can be sterilized appropriately for the people in the hospital I think…they have to use special detergents, etc. Ashley, Thanks so much for supporting such a sweet cause. Do you know if flannel is ok, or would they just prefer cotton? What a fabulous idea and so kind of you to share you know,edge so we can all help. I have recently lost my dear mum and was feeling very sad today so I read your page at just the right time.

I help out once a month at our local Ronald McDonald house so I will get sewing and donate to them. You are truly a very special person.

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Love from JO in New Zealand. Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your day, Jo! What a wonderful way to brighten the surroundings for the children and their families. I am going to add this to my list and start sewing up some pillow cases I have lots of flannel too, so I look forward to knowing if flannel and cotton are ok.

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I wrote above bit will write here, also, in case it gets buried. I know cotton is fine. What an absolutely heartwarming Idea and a great way to show the true meaning of Christmas. Go team bubba : hope a lot of pillows get donated to the cause!! I live in UK and we have Linus quilts which are made for poorly children,especially those in a hospice.

I think this happens in USA too…I would live to do these pillow cases here but I suspect our laundry facilities would not be able to cope with it as they are out sourced and the children would not get their pillow case back. I will, with your permission enquire, though, purely on a local level at first.. It is such a great idea. I will reference your site if that is okay. Love to you for your kindness. This really warmed my heart at this wonderful, and busy time of year.

I was planning to make a couple of minky pillow cases next week when my grand princesses come to visit. Now I might as well make extras and ship them off. What a wonderful project to do when we are being thankful. Thank you! And I kinda feel the same….. Thanks for supporting these sweet children! These pillow cases are the perfect use for the fabric! Ashley, thanks again for such a clear, through tutorial! And all those measurements for each size…awesome! What a wonderful cause!

I will need to whip up a couple to send to Team Bubba, thank you for sharing :. What heart-breaking stories. What a wonderful cause.

Oh my goodness. I love doing this project!

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I have been making plllowcases for years for my kids and grandkids names and favorite things on them. They still ask for them. As I was laying here putting my sons to bed I started thinking about sewing projects. I remembered that I had pinned this tutorial not long ago but had not read it yet. I actually went straight to my Pinterest looking specifically for this with the thought of making pillowcases for hospitalized children!

When I started reading I was blown away! I have never experienced the loss of a child, but my middle son was hospitalized for about a week last year. This little comfort would have meant so much to us, and I can only imagine the encouragement it would bring to those who endure much longer stays. I am so thankful the Lord led me to your site and confirmed a desire in my heart to reach a special group of families and children. The lengths seem a little short. I love the instructions, but I was disappointed when the standard size pillowcase instructions just barely covered the pillow and I had pillow peeking out the end.

It would be nice if the instructions either pointed that out, or were adjusted to fully cover the pillow. I guess I should have looked more closely at the pictures. Thanks Ashley for sharing this. I hope many people will get in to this. We can make better world with such initiatives. Just stumbled upon this post…does anyone know if the project is still going on? I know the post is over a year old so I wanted to check before I mailed off a few pillow cases.

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This is such a wonderful thing to do. Never mind, I read the date wrong! I mistake for ! The change of the year always confuses me :. But this will make a pillowcase that is too long and narrow. Once I ripped my first attempt and re-oriented the fabric, everything else was perfect. Thank you for making this clarification. I thought I was going crazy!