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Tap water is very rare to come by; it is customary to order a bottle of naturale still or frizzante sparkling water with meals. If you have any allergies or food restrictions at all, make sure to see our post on eating as a vegetarian, vegan, celiac, or someone with food allergies in Italy! An extra fee, called coperto or sitting charge , is almost always tacked onto the bill.

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Very good post on reading an Italian menu, this will cover most of the situations you encounter. And the cynar, although it takes some getting used to, is actually not that bad. However, I prefer a good limoncello. Or is there a better way to ask? I liked that you explained that Primi means the first dish, and is usually a pasta or soup.

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My sister really loves Italian food and she wants to get that catered for her bridal shower. I had a chance to have dinner in one of the top restaurants in Italy and forget food I get highly impressed with their menu covers. Your email address will not be published.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Trattoria sign in Venice flickr: Lee Edwin Coursey. How do I choose where to dine in Italy?

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Navigating an Italian menu Antipasti misti. Tiramisu, a popular dessert across Italy. Shot of mirto.

Photo by jerik0ne Flickr. Photo by Neil Conway. Tags act like a local dining food Italy. Bio Latest Posts. Elena Ciprietti.

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Emily says:. The iconography has her with a full, dark skirt, an apron with pockets, a shawl, a scarf or old hat on her head, a shabby pair of slippers, all livened up with lots of colourful patches.

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She wears dark, ragged clothes, dirty with soot because she enters the houses down the chimney. The children prepare an orange and a glass of wine on a plate for the old lady.

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In farming and pre-industrial society the Befana allowed many an opportunity to supplement the meagre family budget. Father Christmas is not always able to satisfy the desires of the children and the Befana seeks to remedy this. The Befana is Mother Nature, who appears at the end of the transition between the old and the new year. The chimneys of the houses down which the Befana comes symbolically represent a means of communication between earth and heaven.

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She distributes good gifts which presage good things in the season to come, and coal, as a reminder of the bad deeds which we should repent. The festival of the Befana is strongly celebrated in the Marche. In Sicily there are lots of festivals to celebrate the arrival of the Wise Men. In other towns they light the traditional bonfires. It is the custom to place the letters G.

Bussarono alla porta e venne ad aprire una vecchina. Babbo Natale non sempre riesce ad accontentare i desideri dei bambini e a questo cerca di rimediare la Befana. I camini delle case lungo i quali si cala la Befana simbolicamente raffigurano un punto di comunicazione tra la terra e il cielo. Sempre il 6 gennaio anche i Re Magi girano con la loro stella per le case per augurare un anno propizio. Skip to main content. A weekly dose of Italy straight to your inbox - Sign Up Now!

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