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6 Steps You Can Take to Plan for Long Term Care Before It's Too Late

Not only are nursing homes held to higher quality standards and offer more services and higher levels of nurse staffing they can also be a better value with a single all inclusive cost per day. There is no denying that just thinking about making a transition from home to any long-term care setting can be stressful for a family. However, our social workers and care team will make the process as stress-free as possible and a surprising thing often happens.

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New friends are made and opportunity for social engagement is found throughout the day. Our focus on person-centered care is all about establishing relationships with residents, getting to know their preferences and interests and helping them be engaged in life. Far from being the stereotyped lonely place, our nursing center is a place where warm, caring and yes, loving relationships are nurtured.


Family and friends are always welcome to visit, join in activities or share a meal with residents. While it is a surprise to some people, it is not a surprise to us, that many of our residents find living at Warde is a wonderful alternative to living alone. At Warde, we provide coordination of care through our care planning process to assure that each individuals care needs are met. Of course.

Will there be a return on that investment?

Not your Great-Grandmother’s nursing home

No question. And start small, there are a lot of perks that require little to no cost, but pay dividends.

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  8. In , a new Executive Director, Chet Surmaczewicz, was brought in from the hospitality industry. This included changes in the hiring and selection process, new employee orientation, and ongoing training.

    About Long-Term Care: Options to Consider

    In just two years, the community reduced its turnover by 20 percent, increased resident satisfaction by 12 percent, increased resident referrals, and achieved 98 percent occupancy. Educating the future workforce is another key to survival.

    Medicaid Coverage of Nursing Home Care

    Like it or not, the industry needs the millennials. This generation of employees will be attracted to a work environment where they can continue to learn, live, socialize, and connect. Simpson College, a private accredited school in Iowa, recently started offering a Health Services Leadership program. Taking a unique and proactive approach, the college formed an advisory board with a handful of companies that serve the industry in a variety of disciplines, including management, human resources, wellness, and healthcare.

    Long-Term Care

    In addition to the curriculum, the students have been exposed to the vast jobs the industry has to offer in areas such as business, finance, human resources, and marketing. Finally, you are not only selling to an audience of future residents, but also to those who will care for them.

    grandmother in a nursing home.

    Attracting top talent will require the same marketing efforts aimed at attracting new residents. The good news is the industry has a bright future. But it all depends on us thinking differently.