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She also piled scorn on abusive husbands and on philandering men, her own father included, who refused to take responsibility for their offspring. She says that the many enslaved women who fought against slavery deserve comparable recognition, including a public monument.

Haïti, 1919-1920, livre bleu d'Haïti, blue book of Hayti

But she also remarks that the great mass of enslaved people, both men and women, remain largely invisible, and that their stories deserve much more attention. As for positionality--which I understand to encompass considerations of race and power as well as gender--I was fully attuned to the reality of my being a wrinkly white male from a rich country translating a novel written by a black woman from an economically deprived country. Was I also duly aware that the two central figures in the novel are black women and that virtually all of the subsidiary characters are likewise people of color?

Yes, of course.

Quatre choses à savoir sur l’éducation en Haïti

No, or only in passing moments. SMM: Could you speak in a bit more detail about your transition from a legal career to the world of translation? What prompted you to become a translator? PCD: Heaven only knows. Secondary school gave me a strong grounding in French. Though I have no French heritage, I studied at a boarding school attended mostly by French Canadian kids from the six New England states and beyond.

At college, I took a yearlong survey course in French literature and a year of introductory German. That was it for formal training in modern foreign languages. For decades, I barely used French and my proficiency atrophied. Then, beginning in , I cut back substantially on my legal practice to pursue several personal goals. One was travel, and another was self-directed language study.

I dabbled in a clutch of languages, mostly Romance, with the aim of minimizing reliance on English speakers in the countries I visited.

But when it became evident that French was by far my strongest foreign language, I decided to concentrate on it and began devouring French novels. In , I spent three months as a volunteer researcher at the newly opened Paris branch of a U. Back home in Colorado, I continued to read French texts. Incidentally, it took me a while to realize the extent to which my legal training and experience carried over to translation. In preparing briefs, and even more so in drafting contracts, precision of expression is indispensable. Although the content and purposes differ, both legal writing and literary translation depend heavily on wordsmithing and on a painstaking quest for le mot juste.

Both crafts give me something of the satisfaction of piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. SMM: Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is thinking about trying their hand at literary translation for the first time?

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Even so, you still need to navigate your way into the profession. My suggestions follow. The overarching advice is to take advantage of every available resource and opportunity. And that goes well beyond grammar and vocabulary. You have to be capable of replicating the rhythm and flow of the source language text, of discerning and rendering a diversity of voices, styles, tonalities, and registers.

Much of that knack is innate, but you can raise your proficiency by reading widely and attentively and by writing copiously. The book taught me a lot, and I still consult it occasionally. Translation can feel like a solitary calling, and it does indeed entail cloistered work, but it need not and should not be experienced solely in those terms.

Parle Moi De Parfum Paris Boutique + Brand Tour With Benjamin Almairac

The panels and workshops cover both theory and practicum. Veteran translators go out of their way to help newcomers and share their knowledge generously. First-time attendees bond with their peers. Social interaction abounds. ALTA also establishes several translation mentorships each year. The number of mentees and the languages represented are variable, depending on sponsorship.

Mentorships provide an invaluable opportunity to pursue a translation project with hands-on guidance from a distinguished translator. Take the initiative and apply. There are other relevant organizations, including the Literary Division of the American Translators Association , along with regional, state and local translator groups, which tend to be rather informally organized. Oftentimes, they convene in a workshop format, wherein translators swap draft translations with each other, provide feedback and advice, and discuss challenging textual issues.

You should investigate translation residency programs, including the one held each summer in Banff, Alberta. Many others take place in Europe. Be aware, though, that eligibility generally hinges on your being more than a neophyte translator. If you want your draft translation to progress from passable to superlative, you must revise and hone it relentlessly.

Prune excessively literal translations that sound unidiomatic in English. Adopt appropriate stylistic conventions and adhere to them. Ask your partner or a friend to review the draft for fluidity, lucidity, and anything that would cause readers to stumble. When you think the translation is well-polished, put it aside for a couple of days, reread it slowly, and make your final revisions.

Word index: , , , More Expression index: , , , More Phrase index: , , , More Developed by Prompsit Language Engineering for Softissimo.

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Join Reverso, it's free and fast! Register Login. These examples may contain rude words based on your search.

These examples may contain colloquial words based on your search. Adverb Verb. See examples translated by tell me Adverb examples with alignment. See examples translated by speak to me Verb 52 examples with alignment.

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See examples translated by talk to me examples with alignment. See examples translated by Say it to me 2 examples with alignment. See examples translated by Parle-moi 16 examples with alignment. See examples containing I want to hear 7 examples with alignment. Et parle-moi encore de mon avenir. Please sit down and tell me a little bit more about my future.

D'accord, parle-moi de toi. Well, tell me about yourself. Richard, my boy, speak to me. David P. Geggus et al.

Idem, op. Slaveholders cannot consent to this, as we should then be obliged to receive a black minister at Washington. Chapl, pp Mimi B. David Walker, Appeal to the colored citizens of the World, Quel- 8 Outre-Mers, T. Notes 1. Etienne Eddy, op. Etienne Eddy, Op. Idem p.