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Sunday, April 22, 2018

What comes next is a desperate plea by Sarah for her Chilean lover, Aldamo, to give her a second chance. He does but it comes with a price--a week of daily spankings, starting immediately. This story captures Sarah's very first punishment spanking and the sweet release that comes after.

Naughty Sarah 2 erotic romance, spanking, punishment, masturbation Short story, erotica: 3, words Sarah is on day five of her week long spanking punishment for lying to her Chilean boyfriend, Aldamo. Her bottom is sore and the daily spankings are getting harder to take. She feels happy and loved. So why is she planning to lie to Aldamo again? Horny Chad 1 Oral sex m , sexy older woman Short story, erotica: 3, words Chad is devastated after the discovery that his long-time girlfriend, Sarah, has been cheating on him.

Needing to change that and needing the relief that sex can give him, Chad seeks out a slightly tipsy older woman who teaches him that knowledge and experience can be a very good thing. He told a woman the truth and she rewarded him by getting on her knees, unzipping his pants and doing what women do best, all while looking up at him with her big, beautiful eyes.

So, this time Chad goes looking for love among his peers at a night club. While Chad had been dreaming of finding a girl with mesmerizing eyes, what he gets is a young man with a beautiful mouth. His mind is filled with the images of former lovers as he touches himself with an intimate knowledge that no one else possesses. Anita Lawless. Jan Springer. Cowboys for Christmas. Clarissa Wild. Command Me - Complete Series. Lucia Jordan. So Naughty Boxed Set. Meghan Moore. Feeding the Farm Hands.

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And what would they name a baby anyway? Codes : mf, rom, 1st, teen, humor, cons, het, preg.