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Tales from the Pour House Cafe: Stories of Life and Calamity in a Small Southern Town
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The Japanese government has introduced a bill to recognize the country's ethnic Ainu minority group. Scientists have found that people who go to bed before 11pm may do better in life. The airplane maker Airbus has announced plans to cease production of its A aircraft.

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Polar bears on an island in Russia are scaring people in a small town. At least 52 polar bears have been seen. A man in India is suing his parents because they did not ask him if he wanted to be born. Russia has responded to the USA withdrawing from an arms treaty by announcing it has plans to build more missiles. The United Kingdom has objected to the European Union's use of the word "colony" to describe the island of Gibraltar. A new diplomatic spat has broken out between China and the USA over the treatment of the technology giant Huawei.

Workers in India are moving over crocodiles from their home because they are too near a new tourist sight. Germany may put a speed limit on its world famous autobahn network of highways. The combined fortune of 26 of the world's richest people is equal to the total wealth of the 3. The video game Fortnite is more popular than television, movies and streaming videos among young people. It sounds like a dream come true for anyone looking to get on the property ladder - a home for one euro.

The teenage Saudi asylum seeker who fled Saudi Arabia two weeks ago has been granted asylum by Canada.

David Hasselhoff's Strange Connection to the Fall of the Berlin Wall

The world-famous credit card company Mastercard is removing its name from its company logo. There is new technology that means we may no longer need to go to the optician for an eye test. China has become the first nation ever to successfully land a spacecraft on the far side of the moon. The year is coming to an end. For some people it was a great year, and for other people it wasn't so great.

The U. A drone shut down England's second largest airport for 30 hours earlier this week. There is still a long way to go before women achieve economic equality with men. Centuries, in fact. Newspapers in England are reporting that subway train drivers get paid more than pilots, doctors, police officers and nurses. The famous children's TV show Sesame Street has a new character to highlight the plight of homeless children.

Japan will use ninja to help boost tourism over the next few years. Ninja will help to promote the Tokyo Olympics. Japan is changing its immigration policy because it needs workers. Japan is an aging society. This means it does not have enough workers. The passport of the United Arab Emirates has risen to the top spot on the list of the world's most powerful passports. A man from Norway has photographed a rare white reindeer calf - in time for Christmas.

A court in Australia has judged that the use of the word "Kiwi" to describe a person from New Zealand is not discriminatory. Scientists now believe that Algeria and not East Africa is the cradle of civilization. Elon Musk, has said that people need to work over 80 hours per week to "change the world".

Scientists have come up with a revolutionary new idea to save planet Earth from global warming. New research suggests that our DNA helps us to decide whether we prefer coffee or tea. A new artwork has been unveiled in Doha, Qatar. The new artwork was created by the British artist Damien Hirst. The legendary rock 'n' roll singer Elvis Presley has been posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

The campaign group A health group wants to ban the 'freakshake' milkshake that is packed with 'grotesque' levels of sugar. Using social media too much and posting many selfies have caused a rise in narcissism, according to a new study. New photographs have been released to mark the centenary of the end of the First World War on November 11, A study from Stanford University in the USA reports that babies of older fathers may be more likely to have health problems. Earth is losing wildlife at a faster rate than at any time in history.

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This is according to the new "Living Planet Report". A French stuntman who specializes in scaling skyscrapers has been banned from climbing any building in the UK. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in Canada has teamed up with a group of doctors to help sick people.

A caravan of more than 7, migrants is embarking on a thousand-kilometre journey through Mexico to the USA. The world's longest sea bridge has opened. It links Hong Kong and Macau to mainland China. Barcelona's world-famous La Sagrada Familia basilica has finally been given a building permit years late. The tissue company Kimberly-Clark is putting an end to its "Mansize" brand of tissues after people said the name was sexist.

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The disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi is descending into greater mystery. New research shows that nicer people are likely to be poorer than people who are not so nice. The Malaysian government has stated it intends to abolish the death penalty in a move that has been welcomed by human rights campaigners. France's government has asked Google to blur all images of French prisons on the Internet. There is public outcry in Australia over controversial plans to use the Sydney Opera House as a "billboard" to advertise a horse race. Tokyo's world-famous Tsukiji fish market has closed after 83 years of trading.

It shut permanently at noon on Saturday. A university in the UK has voted to replace hand clapping with 'jazz-hand waving'. A poor potato harvest in Europe this summer could mean French fries are up to three centimeters shorter than usual.

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Rugby players with tattoos are being asked to cover them up during next year's World Cup in Japan. Tanzania's President John Magufuli has advised women in his country to stop taking birth control pills. The sportswear maker Nike has announced it will use American football player Colin Kaepernick in its advertising campaign.

Astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station have fixed a hole in the shell of the International Space Station. Scientists have revealed that air pollution may be responsible for a significant reduction in intelligence. Tens of thousands of Muslims in Australia have gathered to pray for rain for Australia's drought-afflicted farmers.

The new prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has made many promises to change his country. Russia's Foreign Minister suggested the U. The prime minister of Tonga has challenged leaders of other Pacific nations to lose weight. A theme park in France has established a novel and environmentally-friendly way of keeping its grounds free of litter. More people are seeking and having facial procedures to look like their Snapchat selfies. Scientists say they have uncovered details about who built the 5,year-old prehistoric monument Stonehenge.

Over half of British people take tea bags with them when they leave Britain to go on holiday or go on a business trip. Many people cannot sleep without using a fan, but scientists say this could be bad for us.

What does the Sun sound like? Perhaps you have never thought about what kinds of sounds the Sun makes, but scientists have found out. Doctors are warning people to use suntan lotion correctly or risk serious burns or skin damage. Space enthusiasts will soon have the chance to purchase a piece of space exploration history.

Mexico's president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is leading by example in his country's austerity drive. Humanity is set to enter a new era of transport as a flying car could go on sale next year. Scientists in the Amazon rainforest have come across a new wasp that could encourage Hollywood to make a horror movie. The president of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, has made people angry. He said he would resign if anyone can prove that God exists. Images of an American trophy hunter posing for a photo next to a black giraffe that she had shot and killed in South Africa have caused outrage online.

There is good news about the twelve boys and their football coach who are trapped in a Thai cave. A simple TV advertisement for a razor has created great debate online. The ad simply shows women shaving real body hair. A Russian billionaire has attended his inauguration as leader of humankind's first ever nation in space. British singer Sting has called world leaders "half-men and cowards" for their failure to solve the refugee crisis.

A BBC team has filmed disturbing footage of the devastating impact plastic pollution is having on seabirds. Algeria has turned off its Internet all over the country to stop students cheating in high school exams. A former U. A politician in the United Kingdom has blocked a new law on upskirting from being passed. Japan's government has lowered the age at which people become adults. It is the first time since that this has happened. Pope Francis has given a stark warning to around 50 of the world's top oil company executives about the threat to humanity from fossil fuels.

Scientists at the Canadian company Carbon Engineering have said they are close to making carbon capture work.