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Tal's visits to Avi soon grew into a friendship deeper than most. Between snips, the two men talked about everything from family and starting a business to the meaning of life and the power of music. Two years of their revelatory barbershop talk have been distilled into these gems of inspiration-perfect to give, receive, and share, even between haircuts.

Short Cuts to Happiness offers accessible, universal wisdom that puts a life of meaning and fulfilment within reach and sets a very high bar for my next trip to the barber! The Calmanifesto of Happiness.

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Comedian and broadcaster Susan Calman danced her way across our screens and into our hearts for 10 weeks on Strictly Come Dancing , but how did this ability to find joy change her life? Cheer Up Love, Susan's first book, had a clear aim: Sunny Side Up has a similarly clear path: These are extremely difficult and confusing times - people are cross and shouty.

But more than anything, people like Susan, people who don't hate other people, are apologising for the way that they think.

Susan wants to make sure that they don't. That it's ok to love people, that kindness is something wonderful and brilliant and to bring on the joy. So the mission is simple. To get the nation to join her in not being negative. To bring back joy, kindness and community, to find that joy in the little things in life and defeat the hate and fear. Susan is a one-woman army of hope and joy, and she's ready to lead the nation in a different direction. This is her Calmanifesto of Happiness. Plenty of books offer useful advice on how to get better at making quick-thinking, intuitive choices.

But what about more consequential decisions, the ones that affect our lives for years, or centuries, to come? Our most powerful stories revolve around these kinds of decisions: Full of the beautifully crafted storytelling and novel insights that Steven Johnson's fans know to expect, Farsighted draws lessons from cognitive science, social psychology, military strategy, environmental planning, and great works of literature.

Everyone thinks we are living in an age of short attention spans, but we've actually learned a lot about making long-term decisions over the past few decades. Johnson makes a compelling case for a smarter and more deliberative decision-making approach. And then there was Boyd Ballinger to cont When does a dream become a obsession?

At first Georgina Hamilton couldn't quite believe it. Why would her brother sacrifice his marriage for the amusement of a woman who was all the while obsessed with desire for her brother-in-law, Quinn Shieffi Her second marriage would last forever After Kyle Endfield's betrayal of their marriage vows, Lynda Reardon had rejected his wealth and power and divorced him immediately. She knew she would never love again, but she had been relieved to escape wi What did this man really want from her?

Skye was suspicious of Guy Reardon's plea that she end the estrangement between herself and her grandfather, Australian tycoon Sir Charles Maitland. She and Guy were total strangers. Why was it so importa All he wanted now was to see her suffer Nick McMasters had loved Dana years ago, but he hadn't been good enough for her then.

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She was the daughter of a wealthy Australian grazier, and he was poor in all but ambition. Now their positions were re She'd never surrender her birthright! Cobalt Downs ranch was Susan Drummond's whole life, and she struggled to keep it running. Then Thorn Sinclair arrived - passionate, exc The pain went straight to her heart Excluded from her father's will, Laura Mallory was banished from her home by her cold unfeeling stepmother.

Fate offered a solution in the form of Blaise Hunter, but he accepted her as his young daughter's g Her past was now part of a pitch-black abyss Roslynn Ferrier couldn't recall why she had come to Australia, and she was fearful of whatever painful memory had made her mind demand oblivion in amnesia. Piecing together the puzzle of her past wit Her brilliant career was finished Lucienne Gerard had inspired and triumphantly performed a ballet created for her by the remarkable Julian Strasberg.

Then a tragic accident left her physically and spiritually unable to dance professionally aga He had been her first love, and she had betrayed him. The decision had not been hers. The girl had come home a woman Miranda Seymour was shocked to suddenly learn she was penniless--and that her distant cousin, Blake Seymour, had been supporting her. Blake, her self-appointed guardian, had always treated her as a foolish child.

Would the sordid past haunt her forever? Caroline Marshall had been abandoned as a child, but when a house was left to her in her father's will, she went to north Queensland to claim her inheritance. She didn't even know she had a past, let a Drew held a strange fascination for her. But Drew wouldn't believe the truth. To prevent her father's ruin, somehow Marnie had to convince Drew not to remove his prize horses from the O How could she cause him pain?

Long ago Samantha Harrington had given Eliot an acceptance that one day they would marry. Now, because of an encounter with the handsome, compelling Nico Martinelli, Samantha glimpsed a side to herself she'd never This is time he went too far with his demands. Would love rise from the ashes of tragedy? Julian Standford had everything: The perfect gentleman - if gentlemen were also heartless and ruthless! Unfortunately, Fleur's little halfbrother was a Standfo Where did affection end and love begin?

Nick Langford was a super person - handsome, wealthy, kind and understanding - but he treated Kendall Reardon like a child. She was grateful to Nick for being a good friend of the family, but this "big brot He neither liked nor trusted her After her fiance, Robin, was killed in an accident, Rosanne just wanted some time alone before resuming her career as a ballerina. But Ross McAdam, Robin's disturbing half brother, absolutely insisted that she visi Catherine O'Mara had to cope all alone Running a sugar plantation was hardly the work for a petite nineteen-year-old; but what choice did Catherine have?

Her father was wrapped up in his own grief over the loss of his wife and son. She would choose her own husband! When Renee Dalton's wealthy parents arranged her marriage to a man she despised, she had fled to her beloved Aunt Katie's home in Queensland. There she had hoped to escape and recover her shattered pride, but h When Susan Blake and her brother lost themselves in the rain forest of Queensland they were rescued from a very unpleasant fate by Devin Chandler and taken to recover at his cattle station, Lara, a private kingdom where the king made his own laws.

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Julie was just like her father--a rebel Julie Renard had no idea of the disruptive effect she'd have on the Renards--relatives she hadn't known until her grandfather's invitation to come to Australia. Now, she sensed the conflicts amongst them Was she really afraid of men? Horrified by her ex-fiance's sudden death, Nicole needed time to heal. When her close friend, Christine, invited her to the family's ranch in the Australian Outback, Nicole accepted gratefully. But her peace was Her hatred had turned to love Amanda Raymond had resented Marc Chandler ever since the death of her parents, when he had offered her charity.

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But now the tables were turned. With his sick mother and young daughter in need of care, it was Marc who Brooke knew that either she or her sister, Louise, would have to marry money to avoid selling the family estate. But not for anything would she marry Paul Corelli, the human dynamo who had fought his way out o No one must suspect she was heartbroken.

Josephine Adams had loved Blair most of her life and his sudden engagement to someone else shattered her. He had stood by Jo throughout the engageme Someone like his beautiful cousin, Jane Gifford. But Brant wanted Lori.

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She hated Ryan with a passion. She would hate him forever. After all, hadn't Ryan been responsible for her father's death? But Ryan was tired of he Paradise was not quite perfect Suddenly, heartbreakingly orphaned, Deborah and her young brother, Chris, were swept under the protective wing of a man who had once loved their mother. But when they reached their new home in Northern Australi At least, she thought she did and marriage was for the future.

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But handsome Quinn Sterling wanted to announce their enga They were friends but was that enough? Tandarro-- the name had always spelled magic for Giannina Mora. But this time her encounter with Ingo Faulkner would be different. Ingo ruled the cattle kingdom and the lives of those dependent on him. In she became chairman of the Southern Writers' Conference.

Today, the bestselling author works on multiple books at the same time to meet her demanding publishing schedule. Nanny for the Millionaire's Twins. Eye on Romance is a web site where romance readers and writers of the romance genre can come together to discuss featured books, authors, book characters, heros, heroines and plots. The Heiress Lynsay Sands.

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After her boss, architect Chase Bryant, rescued her from a humiliating situation, Ella devoted herself to his firm. But in Isandro's eyes, Rowan's decision rendered her a gold digger who had committed the worst possible crime. The "Common Knowledge" section now includes a "Series" field. Aayesha the Book Hogger - book blog on BookLikes. Ella Jamison would do almost anything for her job. E-bok, Orphaned as a teen and left to care for her younger sister, Alisa desperately needs this job to make ends meet and pay for an education that will lead to a better life. For the moment the Spanish billionaire walked away, horrified at losing his legendary control, Trinity quickly moved on—to become nanny, guardian and stepmother to his brother's sons!

Now Cruz must protect his orphaned nephews. Sense and Sensibility is a novel by Jane Austen, published in Along with these books she has also published four boxed sets of her books. There, she befriends Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Throughout history, nannies were usually servants in large households and reported directly to the lady of the house. Most of the books were set in Great Britain, with a few in more exotic locations. Margaret Way b.