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Click here for more info on STEP and here for more info on classes. STEP is actively engaged in many research and development projects, designing and testing new learning technologies for use in formal and informal education. While some projects are in limited testing with partners, others are freely available for all to try and to use some complete with curriculum and assessment.

Find out more about these projects on the projects page. The Radix Endeavor is a multiplayer online game for STEM science, technology, engineering, and math learning in high school.

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The initial phase will cover topics in biology, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics, providing students with a collaborative, social experience in a systems-based game world where they can explore how the world works and discover important scientific concepts. Play The Radix Endeavor! When you enter the game, you find yourself on an island with many unknown species of plants and animals, and many mysterious places waiting to be discovered, along with many problems to be solved.

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The current leader, in search of an alleged meteor thought to have special properties, has taken actions that have endangered the health of the island and its inhabitants. If you can figure out what is causing the problems, how the natural systems work, and which factors need to be changed, you may be able to improve the lives of the people and even save the island from destruction. This type of game structure has affordances that integrate well with inquiry based learning and scientific ways of thinking, making an MMO a uniquely suitable framework for STEM learning.

They will be able to collaborate with other players in the game to compare ideas and solve problems using scientific reasoning, while being motivated by the social and contextual nature of the in-game goals. Our first version of the game will cover a variety of topics in high school biology, geometry, algebra, and probability and statistics.

It is designed to align with the Common Core standards in mathematics and Next Generation Science Standards for high school students. In addition, we are placing particular emphasis on including opportunities for students to develop key math practices and 21st century skills. Innovative task-based assessments will be embedded into the game for each topic area, and that data will be triangulated through the use of validated external assessments.

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This design-based research project aims to look at the efficacy of an MMO for STEM learning, as well as the specific ways in which students acquire and apply knowledge of science and math concepts in an online environment. The respective ISO standard defines both the comma and the small dot as decimal markers, but does not explicitly define universal radix marks for bases other than It is now seen that , which is to the left of the radix point, is the binary representation of the decimal number From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Examples [ edit ] In base 10 decimal : In base 2 binary : Oracle Corporation Docs.

Archived from the original html on 15 January Retrieved 19 December Great Britain and the United States are two of the few places in the world that use a period to indicate the decimal place. Many other countries use a comma instead.