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Housing prices increased in 33 cities by up to 22% during April-June quarter this fiscal.

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Learn more and compare subscriptions. Or, if you are already a subscriber Sign in. Close drawer menu Financial Times International Edition. Search the FT Search. Meany is used to getting what he wants and what he wants is the hat maker's daughter Button Eversweet to be his bride. Praried Treasure On board the riverboat "The Lazy Lady" evil banker Sirius Swindlemore and fearless river pirate Rex Flotsam are fighting a battle of good versus evil, and the hand of Sweet and courageous Sally Everafter, whose sole mission in life is freeing her father from prison.

Robber's Roost Ma Quigley runs a haven for criminals in the remote hills north of the Dismal River. All outlaws are welcome as long as they share their loot with Ma.

Dismal Falls in Giles County, VA

Slowpoke Jones always seems to have loot to share while Slippery Sam Sidewinder is always broke. Showdown At Sundown Shady, evil and dishonest doin's are being done at Luke Lavender's Log Lodge. Luke's evil plan is to use sweet and innocent mail order bride Annie Pleasant to make a killing!

The Bankers Ours The roof is about to blow off the Oldergeezer State Bank when the bad guy, Wilberforce "Typhoon" Hotstove, moves in to take over the bank! Dastardly silent movie producer Brimstone T. Lemmon's plan is to cheat Mr. Edison out of his equipment royalties and con the fine people of Los Angeles into making his movies for free! The Dean's Deception Sneaky Dean Mean has a plan to become the big man on campus His evil scheme includes heartbreak for beautiful Professor Antoinette Antonym.

The Hard Working Hardy Girl Rosie was orphaned as an infant and the women of the Hardy House adopted her and raised her as their own. Into her happy life comes the handsome painter Billy Charming, who has a secret.

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The Phantom Of Darkgrove Dottie and Dexter Darkgrove will do anything to insure that the lion's share of the Darkgrove estate goes to them. While son Aykroyd Darkgrove has his troubles with the law. The Rose of Dismal Flats Sweet, innocent, Rose Hopemoore wants nothing more than to be a great actress like her mother but infamous producer Uriah Flackhacker has other plans for her! The Scoundrel Of Dagger Gulch Preston Goodly, strong and true assistant territorial prosecutor is rushing to save the good people of Dagger Gulch from a great evil.

The Silent Treatment Harlowe Hovelmonger is having a very bad year. To balance his books and pay off his debts he intends to throw the lovely and talkative Bethany Angel into the street with her sister Lilith. Three Tickets To Timberwolf Ma Luscious and her little band of Thespians actors, that is have purchased three train tickets to the west to find their fortunes and a new life.

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Lucifer P. Bogus is anxious to get their property to open a den if inequity. Train To Danger Railroad heiresses Faith, Hope and Charity Pullman are stranded in a snowstorm at the railroad station of Hidden Gulch. Tom Truetrack is the handsome engineer on the train.

Juliet has taken a sales position in Suze Friendly's general store, where Addison has found her. Wings Of Fire! Macarthur Crash McCarthy, dashing ace stunt pilot, meets lovely female wing walker, Wendy Wingnut, at the annual fly-in at Scribner and love is in bloom. Five Character Plays - Three males and two females.

Derrick Rose's Dismal Defense: Dismissing Disparaging Drivel

Pelican Pete's Amazing Feat Maude Spickard, proprietor of the general store in Stafford,Kansas is constantly harassed by Muscrat Pete Winchester, editor Nate Reese alias notorious Hogwash Harry , lovely heiress Nora Larrabee and handsome trapper Pelican Pete who all have their reasons for frequenting the store. Peril of the Storm On a dark and stormy night Governor Wally Wessel and his bodyguard, Trooper Duper, take refuge at Moldmaster Manor, a spooky old house inhabited by wealthy Mordred Moldmaster. The Troll of Trafalgar A priceless artefact known as the golden Troll of Trafalgar has been lost for over one hundred years.

The previous rumoured owners have all fallen victim to horrible ends. Now the Troll has fallen into the hands of Michelle McGee. The Baron's Revenge The great great grand-nephew of the infamous Doctor has grown tired of his colleagues and the scornful public at large. In his insane desire for revenge, and with the assistance of his evil assistant Rogi,he has stitched together a new monster. Designed for the dinner train. Choo-Choo Chicanery Barton Balderdash is attempting to gain control of the Elkhorn Valley Railroad by sabotaging their passenger trains which results in drastically increasing their insurance rates.

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She wouldn't Harm a Fly Multi-millionaire Barton S. Balderdash is travelling to Fremont Nebraska with his new bride, the former Tizzy Ditherspoon. An unscrupulous villainess named Dementia Dismal is plotting to steal away their fortune! Hot on her trail is Canadian detective Marcie Moonglow. Two adaptations of works from the master of suspense, Edgar Allen Poe, are now available.

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  2. Feuerpfad: Roman (German Edition)!

One is designed for radio and the other for stage. Poe On The Radio Contains six spine tingling tales adapted from Edgar Allan Poe for radio production. Ligeia Ligeia; the story of a man haunted and possessed by a lost love. The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar The Facts in the Case of M. By The Associated Press on June 22, Related Posts. GE names accounting, turnaround experts to board. Wall Street higher as investors await tax-cut benefits. Latest News. Posted July 3, Posted July 1, Posted June 30, Latest News Popular Comments.

Puerto Rico Incentives Code requires tax breaks be made public Benefits by individual, entity and sector to be published July 3,