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She researches in the areas of Canadian literature, cultural studies, transnationalism, as well as theories of space and place.

Other areas of interest include Pan-American studies, non-fiction writing, and literary theory. Her doctoral project explores the relationship between local, national and transnational spaces in contemporary diasporic Canadian fiction, focusing not only on the tensions between here and elsewhere, but more so, on what makes a space into a home. In her work Orly seeks to understand diasporic and national belongings from both comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives, as she reads across languages English, French, and Spanish , communities, and cultures.

Transnational Canadas : Kit Dobson :

She researches and teaches in three areas: autobiography and life writing, English Canadian literature, and popular culture. Julie is the author of Boom!

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Hawaii P, Danielle has always been fascinated by the interaction between text and image. More information, and a listing of her publications and exhibitions can be found on her website: web.

He is interested in trans-Atlantic cultural exchanges, especially between Quebec and other parts of the Atlantic world. Her research focusses on contemporary Canadian poetry and poetics, feminist theory, and cultural production. She is currently working on a manuscript exploring the poetics of collapse in Contemporary Canadian and Indigenous cultural production.

Anglo-Canadian Literature and Globalization

She is a contract academic faculty member at Dalhousie University. If the Bildungsroman tradition has typically been about "education for citizenship" Slaughter, "Enabling Fictions" , I would suggest that the citizenship claims in these contemporary Anglo-Canadian coming-of-age stories are not necessarily recuperative but are in fact contestatory and critical.

Smart Globalization: The Canadian Business and Economic History Experience

Given that "biting the hand that feeds us" can be understood in a double sense, contradictorily referring to both the host nation and the parental hand, I argue that both of these novels perform just such a hand-biting. An unknown error has occurred.

Transnational Canadas: Anglo-Canadian Literature and Globalization

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  5. Dionne Brand What We All Long For So much has been made of the happy home-coming that it is time to do justice to the stories of non-return to the place one has never been. Svetlana Boym "On Diasporic Intimacy" We must then bite the hand that feeds us, because what it feeds us is neither enough nor for our own good. Producing Canadian Literature: Authors Speak on the Literary Marketplace brings to light the relationship between writers in Canada and the marketplace within which their work circulates.

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    Through a series of conversations with both established and younger writers from across the country, Kit Dobson and Smaro Kamboureli investigate how writers perceive their relationship to the cultural economyaand what that economy means for their creative processes. The interviews in Producing Canadian Literature focus, in particular, on how writers interact with the cultural institutions and bodies that surround them.

    Conversations pursue the impacts of arts funding on writers; show how agents, editors, and publishers affect writers' works; examine the process of actually selling a book, both in Canada and abroad; and contemplate what literary awards mean to writers. Original in its desire to directly explore the specific circumstances in which writers workaand how those conditions affect their writing itselfa Producing Canadian Literature will be of interest to scholars, students, aspiring writers, and readers who have followed these authors and want to know more about how their books come into being.